Christie, what’s your story? Where do you come from? How did you start with design, and why did you choose the name Teaches of Peaches?

Hello! I come from Sydney, Australia and grew up in a town called Brisbane. I guess I started with design while I was studying at college, I started experimenting with design and was discovering myself artistically and creatively so I guess you could say I started with an eye for experimentation and exploration.  

 I started out working within more traditional mediums of design, you know – layout, branding, logos but recently I’ve been asked to collaborate on really exciting projects! I’ve been asked to create stickers for an iMessage app, develop a series of animations and create an animated photo shoot. This is definitely the path I see myself going in. 

TEACHESOFPEACHES came about after listening to one of my favourite all time recording artists Peaches, who definitely introduced me to new waves of thinking – especially in the realm of pushing gender norms and feminism. The name is from one of her songs ‘Fuck The Pain Away’.

Christie Morgan - Teaches of Peaches
Christie Morgan teaches of Peaches Monograph

You are an artist, an art director and a curator, how do you switch from one role to the other, and how does each function nourish the other? What are your influences?

I’m influenced a lot by people around me and things I see. My peers are super important to my workflow and growth. It’s definitely a task attempting to be all of the above, but there’s definitely a way around it. 

Nourishment between disciplines is totally on the cards too, I think working from an art direction/curation perspective you can really understand the fundamental functionality of a piece – if you’re intention is to make it that way. But when I put the artist ‘hat’ on, it’s about pushing the boundaries, experimenting and definitely caring less about the functionality but focussing further on the aesthetics. From my perspective, if you can successful handle multiple disciplines then you’ve done it. 

teaches peaches

In 2011, you have founded a zine/e-shop called Pitch/Zine could you tell us about this experience?

PITCH ZINE was born from a love and desire to help push emerging artists, designers, photographers – any type of creative really, into the real world and establish their career further. The whole premise of the project was built on passion and I’m so happy to have created a platform where not only can the artist be presented in a way that will fulfill themselves in a career sense, but also work as a platform to experiment and create. 

Myself and a small team of creatives built the online platform, then delved into the print realm with one printed issue and also developed an e-commerce platform to continually push emerging designers and support them within our industry. 

Overall it was a really pleasant experience! 

I met the most amazingly talented and ground-breaking people and am so happy for what we achieved. 

Pitch Zine Teaches of Peaches Christie Morgan

You have done several projects exploring the link between visual and audio reception (among others Ear & Eye for Gradients in New York, Vortex Pop for the Goodspace Gallery in Sydney), what attracts you in this match?

These two exhibitions were created at similar times, purely by chance! But that’s kind of what I really loved about being involved in projects like this – for some reason, even on the other side of the world, myself and Kathy (founder of The Gradients) / Special Edition Co. were on the same wave length. I think that’s so cool.

In terms of exploring the links, it goes without saying that music and art go hand-in-hand and have done for centuries. From my perspective, music producers and artists can develop such a unique, collaborative experience that not many other combinations of artist can.

For instance when I’m creating a new piece of work, I always have music playing. Whatever feels right for the vibe I’m trying to create, I have some of my favourite producers by my side, easing me into what feels right at the time. It’s a truly intimate experience. 

Overall it was a really pleasant experience!

I met the most amazingly talented and ground-breaking people and am so happy for what we achieved. 

Teaches Peaches

You are, yourself, very active on Instagram and have curated for Australia’s Museum of Contemporary Art a digital zine about artists selected on Instagram, is this according to you the best way to promote one’s work, did it bring you work opportunity? Do you consider it as an art medium?

I really do! Instagram is something I got into, very late in the game. At first I was really adamant that I would only use it for taking photos on my iPhone, but after a long time I slowly started realizing that Instagram was starting to evolve and it was a lot easier to promote my work (as well as PITCH ZINE‘s) and utilise it as a platform to showcase my work – much like a website. 

I 1000% consider this as an art medium, it’s so unlike any platform I’ve ever used. You have this really personal touch to promoting your work, opposed to other platforms. I feels really unique and real and that’s exactly what I like about it. 

I think it’s really important to stay in touch with friends, see what your peers are up to and give support to your loved ones. It’s also a really nice way to promote a specific aesthetic, however strange it may be. 

Teaches Peaches - Becka Saville - Museum Contemporary Art Syndney
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