Massage daybed, Privé lamp, Soffietto stool, Toy end-table, Dr. Seletti lit mirror - Atelier Biagetti - Exhibition NoSex

The Atelier Biagetti is a Milan based Design Studio created by Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari. We have come across their work, through a Wallpaper* post about their 2016 Milan show, called No Sex. We are an absolute fans of all their production.

They tend to create a coherent body of work based on the contemporary obsessions: sportsex, maybe the next will be money? The one about Sport is also a must-see, and we may write a post about it at one point. But aside from this exploration, we are really receptive to their esthetic approach. It plays with the light and with the subconscious ideas of health, hygiene and innocence. Copper has been everywhere for the past three years, and we were starting to get really tired on it, when we met this work, and rediscovered how beautiful it could look, associated with bright colors, especially powder colors such as pink, and nude, well done!

Déjà Vu Wall, Privé light, Soffietto stool - Atelier Biagetti - Exhibition NoSex
Dr. Seletti lit mirror - Atelier Biagetti - Exhibition NoSex
Toy end-table, Soffietto stools - Atelier Biagetti - Exhibition NoSex
Déjà Vu Wall, Deja vu standing, Privé light, Soffietto stool, Soffietta #2 stool - Atelier Biagetti - Exhibition NoSex
Atelier Biagetti (Alberto Biagetti, Laura Baldassari) - Exhibition NoSex

This clinical use of white, off white, nude and pink in No Sex made us think of several pieces by Matthew Barney or more recently the works of Jan Manski or the ones of Marguerite Humeau, or even (but that is more far fetched) an Untitled Piece by the Japanese artist Yoshishige Furukawa from 1973.

ONANIA / Aetiology Unknown 02 - Jan Manski
The Cremaster Cycle - Matthew Barney
ECHO, A matriarch engineered to die - Marguerite Humeau
Untitled Piece - Yoshishige Furukawa
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