Nowadays with the huge success of Maurizio Catalan’s and Pierpaolo Ferrari’s Toiletpaper,

every creative person around the globe views edgy pictures as

absolutely anything (it works especially well if it is a random or even an absurd selection)

with a vivid color background.


But we came across Elad Lassry’s work back in 2009,

through the incredibly cool mag Kaleidoscope.

So Elad’s first body of work was already well established

when Toiletpaper was only starting to become an idea.


We wanted to talk about Elad Lassry as the real and, to our taste, not sufficiently acknowledged (at least not in Europe) vision creator of a generation.

He started with these elegant visions, devoid of meaning, yet beautiful in their emptiness.

He always considered a piece of art as an object with a matching frame,

that would virtually transform a picture into a piece of design.


One interesting feature of his portraits and still lives is that they are all the size of a magazine page,

which we understand as a statement: what I call art is nothing more than what you see,

as you would enjoy the editorial in a magazine, you will enjoy my style,

because I am creating a radically NEW STYLE.


But he was not satisfied with this, he wanted to go further.

So he started associating his pictures with films.

I had the chance to see one at the Arsenale, in Venice, during the 2011 Venice Biennale.

The film was called ‘Untitled (Ghost)’ and showed ballet dancers dancing in bright colors,

on a monochrome beige background.


Sometimes there was a simple after effect: when they crossed each other, they tended to superpose themselves.

It was all about the graphics.


I have the feeling that I totally understand Lassry when he says it is “deceptively simple in execution ».

Because to achieve this kind of beauty you have to attain a level of precision that flirts with madness.


Elad Lassry - 'Untitled (Ghost)'

He has now added sculpture and painting to his work.

But he knows perfectly well what he is doing,

what visual reference he conveys, and how all the various pieces can interact.

Elad Lassry

 I wanted to talk about Elad Lassry in my blog

because I think he has shown the way for every creative mind born after 1980.

Elad Lassry - Untitled (Red Cabbage 1)
Elad Lassry - Boston Shoulder Roasts
Elad Lassry - Nailpolish. 2009
Elad Lassry
Elad Lassry - Pillow, 2010
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