We are both born in 1983, it must be a special year (:-D), and being exactly from the same generation is perhaps why I am so receptive to your work. I read that you created your own studio in 2010, but what did you do before? Studies, assisting other designers? Did you study design straight away?

Actually, I graduated in Interior design in 2006. The I practiced the job working as a freelancer. Then around 2009 I started to play with objects and accessories just to experiment on my now language, my own vision.

Ilaria Innocenti - Adobe
Ilaria Innocenti - Incipit
Ilaria Innocenti Hlow

I personally was in contact with you through my previous business, IreneIrene, an internet shop selling your beautiful Adobe Collection, with which I totally fell in love, as well as the TP Carpet crafted in Sardinia, that used an ancient technique, could you tell us a bit more about these series?

Both project started after meeting a skilled artisan. The first collection (TP) was a more contemporary approach to decoration, thing that I like very much in objects. The richness of that textiles made in a very traditional way was reinterpreted by a handmade drawing very far from typical Sardinian patterns, so very fresh! Adobe was born after meeting one of the last artisans making bricks the old way. I wanted to tell this beautiful story and let him decorate a raw piece of clay using his tools. Then I also started to mix two different materials. This is something I still use to do as part of my approach.

Ilaria Innocenti TP2014
Ilaria Innocenti TP2014

Since then, I have fallen in love with several of your projects: Belle for Incipit, the grid wallpapers for Texturae, Bucket for Yoox.com, which I have seen in this year Milan Triennale show about women in design (by the way congrats, you are now part of this great history), could you tell us a bit more about those pieces? And where did the love story for terra-cotta come from? You surely know how to sublime this material!

My mother (as may other people in my town) was working in a company making tiles, so I guess I grew up playing with clay much more than other children. Bucket on of the consequences of modeling and engraving clay, mixing it with other materials in order to create a sort of balanced contrasts.

Ilaria Innocenti Buckets Yoox

You also are the editor of some of your own projects, which I find is a very courageous thing to be doing. How is being an editor different from being a designer?

Being an editor let you know everything about the journey from the first idea to the use of a product. So you have to manage everything like communication, distribution, sales, packaging etc. This is very hard but also very useful. Cause it makes you aware of a lot of features that usually designers don’t care. It makes you more than just a creative. It makes you a strong designer. Thanks to this training of designer editor now I’ve gone further start working as art director and creative consultant for some companies as Incipit, Karpeta and Bitossi Home.

Do you perceive a specificity in Milan design?

Milan design is the right spot just between fashion and manufacturing.

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