George Sowden was one of the founding members of Memphis Milano, together with, among others, Ettore Sottsass, Michele de Lucchi, Martine Bedin, Andrea Branzi and, of course, his wife, Nathalie du Pasquier, the great Memphis pattern designer. The name of this design mouvement, Memphis, came from the Stuck Inside the Mobile with The Memphis Blues Again song, by Bob Dylan. The idea was to juxtapose in this name two paradoxical symboles: ancient Egypte and American pop culture. Their idea was to recreate an affective link between the man and the object (filled with historical references, humour and colors). The mouvement was actively supported by several firms, fist of which was Artemide and its director, who was also a designer, Ernesto Gismondi. The Wikipedia page about Memphis is very interesting. We at HLOW highly recommend it.

George Sowden was the British designer of the group, he had started working with Sottsass for Olivetti in the 70s. Nathalie Du Pasquier and him are still living and working in Milano today. But at HLOW, we are more interested in the pieces of furniture he has produced in the early 80s than in the very long list of collaboration Sowden has had for the industry since then.

We are especially fascinated by two pieces in his long carreer:

  • The first is a piece Sowden has designed for Nestor Perkal (the French/Argentinian designer/gallerist who was one of the first to support Memphis in his Parisian gallery). It is very light and looks like a book that you would have opened in a cartoon.



Saragoza Chair for Perkal 1984
  • And the second is a clock Sowden has produced even earlier, in 1973. This is a research project he has done out of wood. Sorry for the bad quality but this image is very hard to find actually, so consider it as a little treasure from the past.
Clock / Georges Sowden / 1973
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