Firminy is Europe’s largest Le Corbusier site, the world’s first site being Chandigarh in India. Firminy is the second best, and is clearly a  less carbon intensive destination. Firminy is in the outskirts of Saint-Etienne, a French industrial city which is reinventing itself through design (there is a great Cité du Design to visit). It gathers a stadium, a church, a “house of culture” and one of his Cités Radieuses (literally Radiant Cities) which  are tall and wide buildings imagined like vertical villages (each corridor is a street, there usually is a school, and sometimes, although not in Firminy, some shops). The other Cités Radieuses are in Briey, Marseilles, Rezé near Nantes in France & Berlin in Germany. Firminy was actually on our way back from our meditative holidays in the French region of Ardèche. The church left us the most durable impression but here are the images of the whole journey.

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