Hi there, yeah I know it’s been a while. I have been busy trying to work on videos, I hope to be able to share with you soon.

You know it, we at HLOW are trying hard to be useful. So here is our latest piece of advice: you want everything you touch or give, to look incredible. Christmas is approaching and you think this red and white decor, designed by Coca Cola in the early XXth century has nothing to do with your contemporary vision on things. Well let’s hack the party together.

And let’s start with one thing you for sure can improve: your Christmas wrapping, your gift wrap, the paper around the presents you give. Do not treat it lightly! It is your signature varnish, it is the first impression you give, it is of utmost importance!

A pink Memphis style wrapping paper by Jolie Nouba 9 euros.

Still in this Pastel Memphis look : Hema’s gift bag, 0,50 euro.

Traditionally handmade marble wrapping paper designed by Esme Winter in collaboration with Jemma Lewis. Sold by Sheldquarters£3.00

Set of 4 rolls of sparkling Masking Tape by Hema 3 euros.

Abstract Wrapping Paper by Pat Bradbury for Wrap. Sold by Shedquarters.  £1.95

Green Pastel Memphis + Marble Paper by Jolie Nouba (apparently there is only a few left) 9 euros

Papier Tigre’s Structure is the fusion of Roy Lichtenstein’s work with a modernist stainglass window. 4 euros per sheet of 50 x 70 cm.

Papier Tigre‘s latest creation is a patchwork of everything we like. 4 euros per sheet of 50 x 70 cm.

This year collection of wrapping paper SLÅENDE by Ikea is quite amazing. It is also pretty cheap. But as usual with Ikea, it is a seasonnal product, so it should not be around for long. 4,99 €/ the three roles

A great splatter feel on Etsy by NormansPrintery, 13,62 euros

Neutral Hema cardboard Japanese style gift bag.

Fragment wrapping paper illustrated by the co-founders of Wrap Stationnery: Polly & Chris. Sold on their webshop by set of 5 paper sheets for £7.95 and on Shedquarters to pick your sheets one by one for £1.95

Set of 2 rolls of iridescent Masking Tape at Hema 2 euros.

Whisker Graphics’ Devine Twine, the mettalics sereies, with rose gold, sold on Etsy’s WillowBaySupply. 12,64 € for 240 yards

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