Christmas News 2: Jewelry

These next posts are going to be about buying. I have been myself quite busy buying these last few weeks. For the 24th, we are welcoming a dozen people at home, and for my baby girl who is turning 2 very soon, it’s going to be the very first remembered Christmas, so I am really trying to make it right. I am a bit less online with you guys, but if your are planning on offering a few gifts late, let’s say you want to find nice things for your friend but they are on holiday right now, these few posts about generic ideas, are for you. Let’s start with a Christmas classic: jewelry.

I’ve discovered Julie Thevenot’s work a few years ago, but I recently met a great friend of mine, the talented Etienne Bardelli, who mentionned her work. He said it was really for me, so I checked her latest work and guess what, friends are often right, well he knows my taste really well. So Julie is a French designer living and working in New York. And her jewelries are simply from another planet: gracious and poetic, they are real pieces of design. She shares with me a predilection for shading colors and softened volumes. This Sand Bangle #12 is available online for $120,00.

SAND BANGLE by Julie Thevenot
Level Pendant by the immensely talented Lily Kamper, £378
Level Pendant - Lily Kamper
Anello E. Sottsass 1985 for Cleto Munari design
Anello E. Sottsass 1985
Stack Neckless by Wolf & Moon £40
Stack Neckless - Wolf & Moon
BO8 Onyx by Studio Collect 195€
BO8 Onyx - Studio Collect
Totem 004 – Tom Pigeon £60
Totem 004 - Tom Pigeon
I am in love with Andrew Logan’s messy jewelry, as you will see in this selection. This bracelet is called White Rocks and is available here for £300,00.
White Rocks by Andrew Logan
For more information about this ring by Louise O’Neill, send her an email on this link.
Ring - Louise O'Neill
These earrings with a ruff are available on Etsy’s Lannie Lynn store, for 47,20 €
Green Stone - LanieLynnJewelry

#4 GRADIENT CHUNKY TRICOLOR ISLAND by Julie Thévenot $115.00

Curve Hoops by Wolf & Moon, £52
Curve Hoops - Wolf And Moon

And there are many more jewelries on our pinterest….

Christmas News 1: The Best Design Gift Wrap

Hi there, yeah I know it’s been a while. I have been busy trying to work on videos, I hope to be able to share with you soon.

You know it, we at HLOW are trying hard to be useful. So here is our latest piece of advice: you want everything you touch or give, to look incredible. Christmas is approaching and you think this red and white decor, designed by Coca Cola in the early XXth century has nothing to do with your contemporary vision on things. Well let’s hack the party together.

And let’s start with one thing you for sure can improve: your Christmas wrapping, your gift wrap, the paper around the presents you give. Do not treat it lightly! It is your signature varnish, it is the first impression you give, it is of utmost importance!

A pink Memphis style wrapping paper by Jolie Nouba 9 euros.

Still in this Pastel Memphis look : Hema’s gift bag, 0,50 euro.

Traditionally handmade marble wrapping paper designed by Esme Winter in collaboration with Jemma Lewis. Sold by Sheldquarters£3.00

Set of 4 rolls of sparkling Masking Tape by Hema 3 euros.

Abstract Wrapping Paper by Pat Bradbury for Wrap. Sold by Shedquarters.  £1.95

Green Pastel Memphis + Marble Paper by Jolie Nouba (apparently there is only a few left) 9 euros

Papier Tigre’s Structure is the fusion of Roy Lichtenstein’s work with a modernist stainglass window. 4 euros per sheet of 50 x 70 cm.

Papier Tigre‘s latest creation is a patchwork of everything we like. 4 euros per sheet of 50 x 70 cm.

This year collection of wrapping paper SLÅENDE by Ikea is quite amazing. It is also pretty cheap. But as usual with Ikea, it is a seasonnal product, so it should not be around for long. 4,99 €/ the three roles

A great splatter feel on Etsy by NormansPrintery, 13,62 euros

Neutral Hema cardboard Japanese style gift bag.

Fragment wrapping paper illustrated by the co-founders of Wrap Stationnery: Polly & Chris. Sold on their webshop by set of 5 paper sheets for £7.95 and on Shedquarters to pick your sheets one by one for £1.95

Set of 2 rolls of iridescent Masking Tape at Hema 2 euros.

Whisker Graphics’ Devine Twine, the mettalics sereies, with rose gold, sold on Etsy’s WillowBaySupply. 12,64 € for 240 yards

Best Bathroom Items 1

Mae Engelgeer – Pop Bath Rug and Towels 13,00 € to 140,00€
Mae Engelgeer - Pop Bath Rug and Towels
Dusen Dusen – Pink Rocks Beach Towel $ 80,00
Dusen Dusen - Pink Rocks Beach Towel
Hay – Green Glass Towel 29,00 €
Hay - Green Glass Towel

La Redoute – Hiba Medicine Cabinet (in Light Blue) 83,44€

La Redoute - Hiba Medicine Cabinet
Dusen Dusen – Paper Shower Curtain 78,00$
Dusen Dusen - Paper Shower Curtain

Wadiga – Marble Toilet Brush 81,60 €

Wadiga - Marble Toilet Brush

Jonathan Adler – Reversible Zebra Bath Rug 88,00 €

Jonathan Adler - Reversible Zebra Bath Rug

Wary Meyers – Cedarwood & Vanilla Glycerin Soap $14,00

Wary Meyers - Striped soaps

Ferm Living – Grid Laundry Basket 69,00 €

Ferm Living - Grid Laundry Basket
Dusen Dusen – Curves Beach Towel $ 80,00
Dusen Dusen - Curves Beach Towel
FrancFranc – Torka Bath Towel Gradation HK $220
FrancFranc - Torka Bath Towel Gradation
Drye Me – Hunee Beach/Bath Towel £ 48,00
Drye Me - Hunee Beach/Bath Towel

FrancFranc – Flode Toothbrush & Tumbler Holder HK$90

FrancFranc - Flode Toothbrush & Tumbler Holder

Ferm Living – Brass Pot 25,00 €

Ferm Living - Brass Pot
Ferm Living – Grid Shower Curtain 69,00€

And in my next post there will be a selection towels designed by graphic designers and artists.

Best Wallpapers We Have Found So Far

In a previous post, about the best items you could find on Etsy, I told you that one of HLOW’s mission would be to help you in your daily life, with the decisions, that have to do with taste and trends. So here is a first exemple. You were wondering wether wallpapers were only printed with flowers or terrible geometrical pattern, here is something for you, and for your walls. Real Wallpaper! Hope they will be grateful 😉

Eno Studio – My Terrazza 79,00 €

Pink Terrazzo Wallpaper

Calico – Aurora Heaven 145 $ (the collection deck)

Gradation Shading Sunrise Sunset Wallpaper

Christian Lacroix – Bain de Minuit (Piscine) 129 € per roll

Christian Lacroix - Bain de Minuit (Piscine) by Sacha Walckhoff

Texturae – Skylight – Martina Della Valle

Texturae - Skylight Designer - Martina Della Valle

So to put it in a nutshell, it’s all about hypnotic patterns, terrazzo and splatter, trompe l’oeil effects, rigidity, grid and non-color.

Ferm Living – Grid Wallpaper (Black & White) 72,00 €

Grid Graphic Wallpaper

Sanderson – Splatter (Black & White) 38,68 £ per roll

Sanderson - Splatter (Black & White)
Drop It Modern - Playground Dovey Style

Texturae – Basalt#2 – Ilaria Innocenti

Texturae - Basalt - Ilaria Innocenti

We had to stop there but we still have a few interesting items to show. We may post a second episode of this. In the meantime, if you want to remain posted with our selections, subscribe to the newsletter, on HLOW’s front page.

Best Finds of the Month on Etsy, for Trendy Neo 80s looking Christmas gifts

Best off Etsy. Find your Memphis / trendy / neo 80s looking Christmas gifts on Etsy, thanks to our selection.

Vintage 80’s silk scarf.

Japanese nude material.

Oversized Taiwanese Cardigan.

Artistic weaving.

Embroidered necklace.

Gold platted ring.

Opale earings.

Terrazzo Iphone Case.

Vintage shirt from the 80s, with a pattern which is very close to those by Nathalie du Pasquier for Memphis Milano.

Terrazzo buttons.

Beautiful vintage ring straight from the 70s, from the French design Pierre Cardin.

These rings are quite rare but I know they use to exist in several colors, with different stones each time, so if you are patient enough you can collect them.

This area of the blog is called “What Can We do For You”. On it, we will regularly feature tips to help you in your daily life, and enable you to make the right esthetic choice.

Picture by Michelle Morin.

Little splattered porcelain dishes.

Cotton Japanese material.

Patterned tote bag.

Mini unicorn.

Mexican plaid.

Wood and material necklace.

Vintage graphic china.

Vintage earings by the French designer Pierre Cardin.

Nude bracelet.

Vintage 80s skirt.

Vintage Memphis outfit.

We hope you loved it as much as we did. We will try to do it every two months, and will also add thematic tips: such as: bathroom accessories, wrapping paper, Christmas gifts, key chains selections, cool toys etc. If you wish to be inspired at a regular pace, subscribe to our newsletter.The link is on our front page.