We went to Kortrijk (Belgium) design show last week, and found some treasures we would like to share with you. Most of the pieces are creations by little Belgian editors. So we thought they needed a little highlight. But you will also find international talents, huge brands, self-produced designer pieces and gallery masterpieces, so follow us in this gorgeous labyrinthe.

Our first discovery: the German brand Atelier Haussmann. Here are Petite Table d’Angle and Blumenampel.

Next, young Danish designer Niclas Jorgensen‘s Stadium Light. He was a pupil of Michael Anastassiades (whose piece for Flos will also be featured in this post).

The beautiful and ingenious Roll Collection by Verena Hennig.

Vincent Van Duysen‘s Totem for Pastoe.

Hervé Humbert‘s grid coffee table.

Dorothée Mainka‘s Mood shelves.

On the Flos booth: several masterpieces. Infra-structure by Vincent Van Duysen, The Running Magnet by Flos Archtectural and String Lights by Michael Anastassiades.

Beltrami‘s booth was also quite a surprise, just as we thought we had seen everything there is to see concerning marble, here they come with there laser cut beautifully shaped tiles and bath elements.

The amazing gallery Maniera (already responsible for the mesmerizing desks, mirrors and shelves by Anne Holtrop) also had a booth, and shown the incredibly beautiful and elegant Corner Chair by OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen.

We could see that after Muller Van Severen, there was a trend for thin metal lines. A few interesting examples could be noticed: the armchair, and the shelves by Grint, the lounge chair by Isati Creative Studio, and a little thicker, the cartoon bench by Bultin.

ISM Architecten‘s CT07.

Incredible Marble pillows by studio kan/o.

Last but absolutely not least, the winner of the GRAND PRIZE of the Interieur design award competition: Dimitri Bähler‘s VPT&C. This work was also visible last summer at the Villa Noailles. These pieces are incredible in real life, you simply cannot stop looking at them.

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