We had promised on our last post about Maison & Objet that there would be a next episode, so here it is.

We were very impressed by those little cubes by Jbj Interior, a Dutch fashion and embroidery brand which is now starting a new interior line.

Jbj Interior

Then we came across the creations of the German editor Ames. We especially liked their textile pieces.

Ames - Nido kissen kukuy

In the young talent section, there was the work of a talented resin artist called Zuza Mengham.

Zuza Mengham - Marble

The beautifully simple K-Lamp by the British editor Vitamin really caught our eyes (but you must know by now that we have a thing for terracotta).

K Lamp - Vitamin

Also in terracotta: the incredible plant pots by Studio MSDS for UmbraShift.

Studio MSDS - UmbraShift

Colonel had no new piece, but we love their 2016 neo Memphis collection very much and they are extremely talented and kind… so here they are too.


We fell in love with another extremely attractive Danish brand and it was called Handvärk. It’s very chic and minimalistic, it’s made out of very noble materials, in the direct line of Mies van der Rohe‘s design.

Handvärk - Daybed

We are always impressed by the joint effort of a craftsmen using ancestral techniques and designers. This was the case when the Bouroullec brothers worked with the lacquer Japanese company in Wajima and created the first Wajima Lamps for Galerie kreo, and it is also the case with the Sebastian Conran workshop in Gifu (the Japanese town of paper lamps where the Akari lamps by Isamu Noguchi are made).

Sebastian Conran - Gifu

Then there were this piece, that we hesitated to leave in this article, because it is not what we usually call design, but it is indeed a very good idea. In fact for pilate amateur such as myself, it is a brilliant idea! I often asked myself whether it would be a good idea to have a pilate ball as a desk chair, but after searching for ages for an acceptable looking one, I usually gave up the idea. And my body paid the price for this snobism of mine. The brand Vluv has created an acceptable pilate ball, that you won’t need to hide, and my tummy thanks them for it.


The next piece is also outside of our usual box. It’s a new way, much cosier way, of designing office pieces. Here: a colorful and harmonious meeting board by the Suedish Lintex.


The last pictures for today’s post are not just simple pieces, the great Julien Renault, whom e have been following for years, have had the mission to entirely redesign a whole Belgian office furniture brand called Kewlox, and we simply love it!


The end of our tour in our next post, patience my friend!

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