Best off Etsy. Find your Memphis / trendy / neo 80s looking Christmas gifts on Etsy, thanks to our selection.

Vintage 80’s silk scarf.

Japanese nude material.

Oversized Taiwanese Cardigan.

Artistic weaving.

Embroidered necklace.

Gold platted ring.

Opale earings.

Terrazzo Iphone Case.

Vintage shirt from the 80s, with a pattern which is very close to those by Nathalie du Pasquier for Memphis Milano.

Terrazzo buttons.

Beautiful vintage ring straight from the 70s, from the French design Pierre Cardin.

These rings are quite rare but I know they use to exist in several colors, with different stones each time, so if you are patient enough you can collect them.

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Picture by Michelle Morin.

Little splattered porcelain dishes.

Cotton Japanese material.

Patterned tote bag.

Mini unicorn.

Mexican plaid.

Wood and material necklace.

Vintage graphic china.

Vintage earings by the French designer Pierre Cardin.

Nude bracelet.

Vintage 80s skirt.

Vintage Memphis outfit.

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