We at HLOW wanted to write a short post on Alessandro Bava, the Neapolitan Londoner, the architect, the artist and curator, founder of magazine Ecocore _the “last surviving ecology zine”_who is interested in the interactions between all those disciplines, and in how they all get reshaped with Internet, 3D imagery and collaborative platforms.

In terms of content, it leads for instance to a show during the Venice Biennale called the Airbnb Pavilion, about the standardization Airbnb brings to interior design, when “once one’s house is no longer one’s home, but rather another asset”_25 young architects were invited and the show took place inside Airbnb rentals_ or to a book called the City of God with poems by Harry Burke illustrated by his architectural renderings.

In terms of esthetics, he brings the video game imagery to real life and it creates something potent, some kind of statement: at the 89plus exhibition (the Google Cultural Institute contemporary art project curated by Simon Castets and Hans Ulrich Obrist), Bava has created a sort flooring, which was in fact a print of a mysterious surface, halfway marble, halfway ocean waves: it mocked the cheap 3D renderings that you can find in most 3D drawings and which somehow shape your imaginary world, but bringing it to the real world made it paradoxically quite beautiful, and poetic.

Since we at HLOW are interested in the creative minds who carry their generation, we thought that Bava was a must : an important figure of today’s visual invention.

Bava and Sons, Super Surface, 2015, 89plus, FILTER BUBBLE
Alessandro Bava - City of God
Bava and Sons for Sotheby's London
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