Juul De Bruijn has taken advantage of each square centimetre of her room. How? By burying every function under walking level.

Juul, how did you get the idea of MoreFloor?
I designed the MoreFloor to solve my own problem I have with living in a small apartment in Eindhoven. I really needed an extra room to work and got frustrated that I only used the bedroom for the minority of the time. Therefore using the square meters that my bed and closet take, would give me the extra room I needed.

Could you tell us a bit more about yourself? what’s your story?

I graduated at the Design Academy Eindhoven at the department “Man and Mobility” in January 2018. When I was a child, I loved to work with my hands, which I still do. My parents have always supported me in this, there was always enough material to work with. I loved to play by myself in the garden or the attic. I created different fantasy worlds and I could entertain myself for hours like that. When I became older I still liked to play. I played with my classmates. The whole story we played, was based on our fantasy. It was amazing to just go with that feeling, not thinking about yesterday or about tomorrow. If I think back about this time I remember the wonderful feeling of losing yourself in fantasy. Unfortunately a lot of people lose it, when they grow up. In my work I show my own fantasy and combine it with my taste for crafts and DIY.

Congratulations Juul for this lesson of “anything is possible” design.

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