Andrea Branzi - Century 1982

We love this Century dormeuse by Andrea Branzi. To us, hlow team, it is above all one of his first statement solo piece. It was built in 1982, so 5 years before his Compasso d’Oro. Before this piece, his production is perhaps more theoretical, with Archizoom and Alchimia. After this piece, Branzi will be using curves that will precede the trend of organic shapes of the 90s.

In a Designboom interview from 2003, Andrea Branzi answers this while asked to describe his style :

« andrea branzi is a person who deals with theoretical physics,
and sees architecture not as the art of building
but as a much more articulated form of thought.
I work alternating between theoretical research and practical designing. »

To us, this piece is more about practical design, yet it uses such pictural codes and materials that it is also a cartoon piece, that really fits into the Memphis Milano production.

We think that the Century dormeuse is one of the ancestors of many very different mouvements such as the thin tubular colorful trend of Muller Van Severen design, and of the Trampoline chair by Cuatro Cuatros for Missana,

Muller Van Severen
Cuatro Cuatros Trampolin Missana

or the design of efficiency and technology of Konstantin Grcic for Magis and for Galerie kreo.  .

Konstantin Grcic - Magis - Traffic
Champions by Konstantin Grcic for Galerie kreo
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