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Shade Volume by Merel Karhof and Marc Trotereau - hlow
Shade Volume - Merel Karhof Marc Trotereau

All our apologies for the very very long period without any post. Just to make you a little more angry at me, I will just say that I was resting in Tuscany, but this may be the subject of a future post, so I will not say anything more.

For now, we are very happy to introduce Shade Volume, a new collection of lamps, which is the result of a collaboration between French designer Marc Trotereau and Dutch designer Merel Karhof. They really used Merel’s sense of color and Marc’s experience with shade and lighting design. It is worth seeing their previous work to understand what I mean.

The main idea of these lamps is to create a useful and weightless lighting system by joining two or more lampshades. The design approach is to create a-symmetrical shapes that require no more labor or material than a classic drum or conical shade. The main twist consists in the development of a clipping system that allows the transformation of each lampshade into an interchangeable part. This simple system gives the possibility to quickly assemble lampshades together and create endless variations of enlighten shapes from small floor or pendant lights to large totems reaching the ceiling.

The process could be likened to Isamu Noguchi’s  take on the Japanese traditional rice paper Gifu lantern to create ‘Akari’. Akari means, illumination but is also implying the idea of weightlessness. One of Noguchi’s famous quotes puts his source of illumination at the heart of the home: ‘All you require to start a home are a room, a tatami and Akari’.

Shade Volume - Merel Karhof Marc Trotereau
Shade Volume - Merel Karhof Marc Trotereau
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