Noviki defines itself as a “post studio living in a graphic design utopia”, a research laboratory “exploring the fields of contemporary art expression”.

Noviki wants to play with you and to blur the boundries between art, and graphic design.

Niviki is a duo composed of Katarzyna Nestorowicz and Marcin Nowicki.

This insolent studio is based in Warsaw, Poland. Their style has been nourished by the Internet, it is an anti-esthetic, neo 80s, post-modern, junk lovers approach. We at HLOW tend to love this mix and hope you will too.

We fell in love with two of their projects:


  • The first was the visual identity of the project “Nothing Twice”, which is, according to them, the first project in Poland to combine an exhibition and performance on such a large scale. The event celebrates the inauguration of Cricoteka’s new facility. The exhibition and accompanying performance programme interpret the influence of Tadeusz Kantor’s concepts in the work of contemporary artists operating at the crossroads of theatre, performance and visual arts. This project is based on the idea of the ready-made, appropriation art and the concept of re-performance. It poses questions about the archiving and collecting of Live Art.
  • The second was a video, called the THE DISPLACEMENT, which is a piece I came across in Warsaw, visiting a show called ASSEMBLED, DISASSEMBLEDcurated by a friend, Romuald Demidenko and organized by Zachęta Project Room. Here’s Noviki’s desciption for it:We are living in times when the displacement takes place simultaneously on many levels.the displacement of power, force, in the political word,
    the displacement of people as sociological phenomenon
    the displacement of aesthetic
    the displacement of roles and responsibility of artist / designer / curatorVideo has two narratives – conducted equivalent. First is tracking graphics, made for the needs of the group DDG which is placed on my blog “”; and has been displaced by other users for a dozens of times. I travel to unknown places discovered by the rebloged links of other users to see where my work wandered – in what context my work is shown. Second narrative concerns a problem of internally displaced people. There is no legal definition of Idp, despite the fact that it is one of the most significant and symptomatic issues of our time, still accumulates and remains unresolved.
    These shifts overlap and identify each other, are devoid of boundaries, boundaries of legal, moral, aesthetic, state, political, human, escape into the unknown.

Last but not least, because we love you dearly, faithful HLOW followers, this is our last little present for you: Noviki’s blog, which is more than inspiring. You can have a look at it for hours…

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