Laurence Leenaert is everywhere, all over the social networks, but also on the unmissable Sight Unseen which just released a great post about her. And there is a reason for that: she is about to develop her brand LRNCE, promote it to a whole new level and distribute it to the US and Australia. We at HLOW knew Laurence for a long time. I was selling her bags in my previous e-shop. But I kept on following her work and it kept on getting better, always new, always surprising. One reason for that is that she keeps on changing the place she lives in. Now it’s Morocco where she works with local craftsmen on ancestral techniques and creates incredible pieces mixing tradition and modernity, tomorrow it will be Thailand where she already know that she will be able to explore several sorts of techniques for fashion wear but also for home wear. I met her in Paris last month and the quality of the video (HLOW’s first – please be indulgent) was so poor that I was hesitating to even show it you, but one thing that I wanted you to see, was how modest and kind Laurence is. There is no doubt she is ambitious and talented, and no doubt she is acting for the right causes, instead of ordering big amounts from far away in countries that she would barely know, Laurence has decided as an altruistic and militant gesture to be living among the craftsmen who produce her pieces and to help them develop their business as well as hers. Very very well done Laurence! You give us hope and shows us how beautiful can do good.

In the video I mention a post about Bless, so here it is.

And here is LRNCE’s eshop.

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