Dan Adlesic - 'Stand by' lamp

How old are you, where do you live and where do you come from? What is your story with design, how did it start?

I am 26 years old and I was born and grew up in Ljubljana, Slovenia. During high school I was part of the Improv theatre that strongly influenced my way of working. I wanted to study film direction but I somehow ended up at this new course (ceramic and glass) at the Academy of fine arts and design in Ljubljana. In the last semester I made an exchange in Goteborg, Sweden, where I studied ceramics and new media (paralel). I went to Design Academy Eindhoven where I graduated from Contextual Design MA with an installation that connects design, performance, improv, technology, poetry and humor. I like to work with different mediums in order to shape my projects from different angles. I constantly try to learn the techniques of mediums/materials/softwares I haven’t yet used as well as the new technologies. I am interested in how I can effect other people not only trough objects or design/art but through everything including myself as a person. 

I am currently back in Ljubljana, renovating my apartment that will combine some living spaces with workshops, dining room with restaurant and living room with gallery/theatre which will serve as some sort of an experimental residency.

Dan Adlesic - 'Stand by' lamp

In your bio, it is said that you «  act on basic human gesture » with your « experience in improvisation theater ». And when you graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven, in 2015 it was said in Dezeen about your project, a series of absurd electronics, that they were «  purposefully ridiculous » and «  that (they) only work(ed) in response to unconventional movements ».  Would you say your design applies to humans as much as to the objects? In that sens you would be more of an experience designer…

During the years when I was active in the improv theatre me and my friends build a very special relationship between us. On stage, you have to listen and be aware of yourself and your surrounding. Every movement is registered and amplified. This mindset is also present in our everyday life so a simple gesture as sitting on the chair is not simple anymore, we constantly consider life as a play. With my graduation project  “Electricity is just like… WOAH!” I made objects and situations that would provoke people to be closer to this mindset which I wish it would be more present in everyday life. I think products often offer too narrow scenario of use. Every object used by a person creates an experience.

Your website is full of joke sentences or absurdities like “Actually when we lick ice creams we pretend to be dogs. » or «  The battery holds frozen electricity. » And your design projects are as much inspired by the toy industry as by the Memphis era. Is the purpose of this new relation between man and object regressive? Are you nostalgic of a certain cartoon playful and colorful child life and of the fun and magic it use to everyday life?

I am nostalgic of the feeling of being a kid where people don’t limit your behavior. Theatrical play and child’s play works with the same principle of imagine and pretend. In fact, we all do that all the time, we just have a ton of filters and walls around it which I think should be broken. Fiction is already part of our everyday life and I like to embrace it.

Dan Adlesic - 'Stand by' lamp

What is your news? Would you like add something?

In fact some stuff I made after the graduation and are not on the webpage (which only served for the graduation project):

  • Few months ago I made a music video for my friends called FFX: 
  • And here are new lamps I presented at Rossana Orlandi’s space during this year Milan Design Week:
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