These next posts are going to be about buying. I have been myself quite busy buying these last few weeks. For the 24th, we are welcoming a dozen people at home, and for my baby girl who is turning 2 very soon, it’s going to be the very first remembered Christmas, so I am really trying to make it right. I am a bit less online with you guys, but if your are planning on offering a few gifts late, let’s say you want to find nice things for your friend but they are on holiday right now, these few posts about generic ideas, are for you. Let’s start with a Christmas classic: jewelry.

I’ve discovered Julie Thevenot’s work a few years ago, but I recently met a great friend of mine, the talented Etienne Bardelli, who mentionned her work. He said it was really for me, so I checked her latest work and guess what, friends are often right, well he knows my taste really well. So Julie is a French designer living and working in New York. And her jewelries are simply from another planet: gracious and poetic, they are real pieces of design. She shares with me a predilection for shading colors and softened volumes. This Sand Bangle #12 is available online for $120,00.

Level Pendant by the immensely talented Lily Kamper, £378
Anello E. Sottsass 1985 for Cleto Munari design
Stack Neckless by Wolf & Moon £40
BO8 Onyx by Studio Collect 195€
Totem 004 – Tom Pigeon £60
I am in love with Andrew Logan’s messy jewelry, as you will see in this selection. This bracelet is called White Rocks and is available here for £300,00.
For more information about this ring by Louise O’Neill, send her an email on this link.
These earrings with a ruff are available on Etsy’s Lannie Lynn store, for 47,20 €

#4 GRADIENT CHUNKY TRICOLOR ISLAND by Julie Thévenot $115.00

Curve Hoops by Wolf & Moon, £52

And there are many more jewelries on our pinterest….

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