I must tell you that I have a record with contemporary art. I was a gallerist when I was 22 years old, I also worked for other galleries and for museums, it’s been in my life for the past 10 years, but it’s a love and hate relationship. I advise all my intelligent artists friends to become something else than just artists.  To be able to create something from scratch is one of the most amazing thing to be doing. But it really is never like that.  The art market right now is a bit depressing and self-centered. I must also tell you that although I went to the Fiac, Paris’s contemporary art fair, yesterday in order to post something about it for you, I really dislike fairs and their crowd of wannabe subversive VIPs. However as I love you all dearly, lovely readers, I still took some little pics of my favourite pieces.

This is a very catchy work of art: 2 weeks before the Fiac, Elmgreen & Dragset curated the Perrotin Fiac booth, in the empty Grand Palais. And it was identically positioned during the real Fiac.

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