The salon Maison & Objet, takes place in Villepinte, near Paris (France), twice a year, and this edition had plenty of things to show. These professional salons give a clear indication on trends and on the state of the market. We were there last week at the end of the salon. To be honest, all the design venues are at the moment quite interesting but not revolutionary, after marble and copper a few years ago, terrazzo for the past two years, we understand that the next new thing is resin, and industrial glass, but apart from that, there is no major mouvement. But this does not prevent us from appreciating some of the beautiful pieces, that once again, dearest reader, we would like to share with you.

The first thing we came accross was the very Memphis Maison Dada from Shanghai.

We had never seen the latest Bouroullec vase for Vitra in real life. It was the star of one of the greatest editorial of the latest months for the French AD (visible on Sight Unseen). We were glad to come find it on the Vitra booth and were surprised at how big it actually is and how its anodized aluminium appears to be totally immaterial.

Next: the Danish brand Nomess and their incredibly cool booth with its trendy slightly unfinished look. We fell in love with the Memory pillows by Witek Golik made out of memory foam.

The carpet brand CCTapis and their now famous Visioni by Patricia Urquiola and After Party by Garth Roberts

We also noticed La Chance‘s very colorful booth, with their very smart valet stand, called Jeeves by the architects Tolila + Gilliland, and Tapigri, a carpet by Nathalie Du Pasquier, one of the members of Memphis who specialized in 2 dimensional works and patterns. But you will tell me that these are not new pieces. As you can see if you regularly read this blog, I am not at all into the cult of newness…

We usually dismiss the design brands that are just about tricks: about one smart idea. But this one is a bit different, because it is a good idea, but it is incredibly beautiful! Meet the Danish brand Design Letters, and their letter board.

Last piece of this first episode is by the brand Ondarreta, from the Spanish Basque Country near San Sebastian.

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